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Unicity Unimate: An adaptogenic pick-me-up

Updated: May 3, 2023

Native to the biodiverse subtropical regions of South America, yerba mate has been consumed in community rituals for hundreds of years to support mental clarity, endurance, appetite control, focus, and an improved mood. These benefits are partially due to yerba mate’s adaptogenic properties, which help the body respond to external stressors we face from time to time. All of Unicity’s Unimate flavors use an ultra-concentrated yerba mate extract to maximize these benefits.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants that have evolved to be naturally rich in antioxidants, saponins, and other nutrients. They help your body respond to occasional stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and can also support the immune system and energy levels. The key word here is “adapt.” Adaptogens help you do just that—adapt to those occasional stressors so you can return to a more balanced state, called homeostasis.

Think about how you feel when you face a stressful situation. You may feel a spike of alarm, a temptation to run away, or just plain tired. When we perceive danger, our bodies release hormones that temporarily strengthen us physically and help us focus so we’re better equipped to handle what’s in front of us.

Adaptogens help your body stay in this state for longer so you’re able to manage these stressful situations—even something as simple as feeling tired or unprepared for a big presentation—without crashing. Adaptogens can help your body get back to homeostasis. It does this by increasing or decreasing chemical reactions in the body (such as reducing cortisol levels when you experience stress).

Often when life gets crazy, all we want is for things to go back to a comfortable, neutral zone. While not a cure to the stressors you may experience, adaptogens can help us get back to a more balanced state of well-being, which in turn helps us feel more energized, alert, and calm.

Types of adaptogens

An adaptogen must meet the following criteria:

  • Helps the body cope with internal and external stressors

  • Helps the body maintain homeostasis

Many plants and herbs are considered adaptogens, including ginseng, mushrooms, and turmeric. Yerba mate is a popular one that has been used for centuries, and is a key ingredient used in all of Unicity’s Unimate flavors.

Unicity’s yerba mate undergoes a unique five-step process—handpicking, fire roasting, extracting, concentrating, and purifying—to create a potent and powerful yerba mate extract that enhances the beneficial effects of yerba mate.

Feel Great with Unimate

As a core product in Unicity's Feel Great Program, Unimate boosts the mood and supports mental stamina, focus, and motivation. It's also sugar free, so you know you won’t be headed for a sugar crash later. Plus, you can drink it without breaking your fast, making it the perfect beverage to get you going in the mornings, especially if you want to extend your fast.

Whether you need help getting up earlier than you might want or need to power through a busy afternoon, give Unimate a try—and watch how it improves your day!

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