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3 Reasons to Drink Yerba Mate

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, yerba mate is more than just good for you. It has benefits that can affect how good you feel, too.

What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is an herb native to South America. When it was first discovered by indigenous peoples of Paraguay and Southern Brazil, it was referred to as “the drink of the gods.” Spanish explorers later embraced the plant-based drink, claiming it was “most excellent for giving relief from fatigue and producing an exhilaration of spirit.”

Yerba mate has been used traditionally since ancient times for the nutrients it provides. These nutrients—including caffeine, theobromine, saponins, and polyphenols—give yerba mate a lot of antioxidant power, which is part of why it has been such a well-loved plant for centuries.

Today’s scientists have a lot of good things to say about yerba mate, too. It has been shown to have a host of benefits, from improving mood and focus to providing an energy boost.

Here are the top three benefits you get from drinking yerba mate.

1. Brain food

Some of the most exciting research on yerba mate centers on the plant’s impact on the brain. Yerba mate has been shown to not only increase dopamine levels, which can activate motivation, but to also help keep your mind healthy and active.

So if you’re having trouble focusing or find that you’re often fighting brain fog in the afternoons, yerba mate can help combat these issues so you can focus on what’s important and power through your day.

2. Energy boost

In addition to giving you a mental boost, yerba mate can give you a physical boost of energy as well. People have used yerba mate for centuries to help support their physical performance, whether they’re plowing fields or working out at the gym.

These benefits come primarily from the caffeine in yerba mate, which typically contains more caffeine than tea but less than coffee. Yerba mate also helps your body use fat as fuel during exercise, and can also improve muscle contractions. Some find that they are able to endure physical activity for longer on days they’ve used yerba mate.

3. Mood support

Some days maintaining a sunny outlook on life is effortless. Other days, not so much. Yerba mate has a lot of mental health benefits, including helping to improve mood and supporting feelings of well-being and relaxation.

Yerba mate isn’t just some passing trend that we will have forgotten about in 10 years. It has endured for centuries in part because people feel better when they drink it.

A delicious beverage to help us conquer our modern lives

Unicity has its own delicious yerba mate drink—Unimate—that is used and loved throughout the world. With more chlorogenic acids than coffee, more antioxidants than green tea, and more theobromine than dark chocolate, Unimate has the power to boost your energy, mood, and brain.

What sets Unimate apart from other yerba mate drinks

Not all yerba mate drinks are created equal. Unimate stands out among the rest in the following ways:

1. It contains no added sugar and only natural caffeine. The yerba mate soft drinks and juice infusions you see at the store are usually loaded with sugar and synthetic caffeine, which can do more harm than good.

2. Unimate contains more chlorogenic acids. Unicity’s exclusive proprietary extraction and purification process ensures Unimate contains the maximum amount of yerba mate’s active ingredients, including chlorogenic acids, which can help boost mood, energy, and support healthy brain function. As a result, Unimate contains up to 375 times more chlorogenic acids than other yerba mate drinks.

3. Unimate is easy to prepare and drink. No need to steep the leaves or carry around a special cup or straw. Unimate comes in single-serving packets, making it easy to pack for travel or to carry around for a quick drink on-the-go. All you have to do is mix it with hot or cold water, and you’re good to go!

4. It tastes good! Unimate comes in a variety of flavors, making it a delicious drink you don’t have to acquire a taste for.

Visit to learn more about Unimate.

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1 Comment

May 18, 2023

I love Unimate .It keeps me active mentally & physically.I am gonna consume it life long.Unimate is delicious ,anybody & everybody will love it .

I use to feel acidic after having the regular tea/coffee but am happy as I have found the best replacement for my tea/coffee.❤

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