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5 nutrition and wellness trends to expect in 2023

With 2022 coming to a close, all eyes are on 2023. Health and nutrition trends for 2023 have shifted slightly from what we’ve seen the last few years; however, the lessons we’ve learned are continuing to shape our health priorities.

Here are some of the top wellness and nutrition trends we’re expecting to see in 2023.

Healthy convenience

The past few years have opened our eyes to what really deserves our time and what doesn’t. When pandemic living forced us to rethink the way we lived our lives, people found new ways to do things—and the convenient changes have stuck around. Meal kit services and grocery pickup are still popular, for instance.

It’s human nature to lean toward convenience whenever we can, but consumers value health almost as much as convenience these days. More and more companies are striving to provide convenient, healthy options for families, from pre-made, plant-based meals to meal-replacement shakes that provide many of the nutrients you need each day. People no longer have to choose between health and convenience, which is definitely a good thing.

Mental health

The past few years have reminded us that good mental health is more than just a “nice to have.” It’s an essential part of our overall health and should be prioritized just like a healthy diet and exercise are.

A nutrient-rich diet is one thing that can contribute to and support health brain functions. Expect to see more foods and wellness products with antioxidants, B vitamins, healthy fats, and probiotics on the label, as they’ve been linked to promoting cognitive function. Fish-oil supplements like OmegaLife-3 Resolv are also becoming more popular due to the brain benefits of omega-3s.


Word has gotten out that gut health is about more than just digestion—although good digestion goes a long way in helping us feel our best. A healthy, diverse microbiome contributes to many facets of our well-being, including cognitive and mental health.

Add a probiotic like Probionic Plus to your regimen to support your microbiome and gut health. Happy gut, happy life is becoming a cliché for a reason.

Metabolic health

Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose are just a few markers of metabolic health. A recent study reveals that just 7% of Americans have good metabolic health, and people are starting to get the message.

For many, living a healthier lifestyle will be more than just a New Year’s resolution. Anyone can benefit from changes that support their metabolic health, no matter their age, and it starts with shifting our thinking on protein, carbs, and fats. Learn more about how to combat metabolic syndrome here.

Beauty from within

Demand for ingestible skincare products is growing. A recent survey of women aged 30 and older revealed that 30 percent of respondents had purchased an ingestible skincare product in the last year, which is double the percentage that did so during 2017.

The growing trend of supporting our skin from the inside out is about more than looking our best. It’s also about supporting our skin as we age, which is something that topical creams and cleansers can’t help as much with. Unicity’s Oasis is formulated with hyaluronic acid, potent antioxidants, and marine collagen to hydrate thirsty skin and help support it from the inside out.

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