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Make good days the norm with Unimate

Updated: Jan 31

Love mornings or hate them, we all have our morning routines. Some people jump straight from bed to the gym. Others can’t get going until they’ve had their coffee. There are those who enjoy working on a crossword puzzle or catching up on the news over a bowl of cereal, and others who prefer to settle into a work or family rhythm before eating their first meal of the day.

A good (or bad) morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Often, it comes down to the first thing we eat or drink. With sugary cereals, carb-loaded smoothies, and coffee being popular breakfast go-tos, most of us don’t set ourselves up for the productive, successful day we want to have.

Fortunately, we can make sure we’re having more of the good days by being more mindful about what we put in our bodies at the start of the day. Unicity’s Unimate is one way to start the day feeling great without having to face an energy crash later.

A better beverage to start your day

A good mood. Energy. The ability to focus. Motivation. These are all elements that contribute to a great day and help us stay on top of our many responsibilities. Unimate, Unicity’s ultra-pure yerba mate drink, helps in all of these areas, making it a favorite morning beverage or afternoon pick-me-up for many people.

Yerba mate has been consumed for generations because of its adaptogenic nature, which means it helps your body adapt to external stressors like occasional stress and fatigue. Naturally rich in antioxidants, mate saponins, and theobromine, yerba mate has long been known to support mood, mental stamina, appetite control, and focus. Unimate’s yerba mate extract supercharges these benefits to give you steadier, longer lasting support.

Think of what you could accomplish if you had the support you needed to stay focused on important tasks. The mood and mental energy to enjoy your life and create a positive environment for those around you. The extra oomph to jumpstart your mornings or help you out when the afternoon drowsiness hits.

It’s not just about getting more done each day. If you could start every day feeling motivated, focused, and upbeat, you’d feel on top of the world.

Be productive and feel great

As one of the core products in the Feel Great program, Unimate pulls its weight in helping you feel better. Eventually, each of us learns through personal experience that when it comes to making good choices for our health, willpower isn't enough to sustain us. We also need good products to make our goals more achievable.

Unimate eases that burden by supporting our mental stamina and helping us feel more satiated so we're not always hungry or tempted to snack all day. And with several flavors to choose from and the fact that it tastes great hot or cold, Unimate has something for everyone.

If you practice intermittent fasting, Unimate helps with that, too. Many nutritionists consider the 16:8 schedule the most effective intermittent fasting method, which means fasting for 16 hours between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day. So for most of us, that means skipping breakfast, or at least delaying it a few hours.

Starting your day without any fuel can be difficult, especially if you’re hungry soon after you wake up. Actually being productive without something in your stomach can be tricky too, especially if your day starts with a workout, big meeting, or scramble to get the kids ready in time for school.

This is where Unimate comes in. With its naturally occurring caffeine and zero added sugar, Unimate can be drunk any time you need it—as a pre-workout drink, in place of breakfast, before the madness of the day kicks in—without breaking your fast. A rich source of antioxidants, chlorogenic acids, theobromine, and mate saponins, Unimate is a superior alternative to the unhealthy breakfast foods and drinks we’ve come to rely on over the years. It provides the support we need, without the side effects we don’t.

Beverage of champions

A long stream of good days—that’s all any of us wants, isn’t it? Unimate helps make the good days the norm, not the exception. So start each of your days off right with Unimate.

A recent study found that Unicity Unimate revitalizes metabolic health, specifically as it relates to fat, muscle, and liver tissue. Watch the video to learn more!

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