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2022 Unicity gift giving guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Tis the season for gift giving. Let Unicity’s gift giving guide be your inspiration as you shop for thoughtful gifts this year.

For those fighting winter dryness: Oasis

Cold weather often means dry weather, which can throw a wrench in anyone’s skincare routine. Help your friends maintain beautiful, hydrated skin with Unicity Oasis.

Unicity Oasis is a refreshing, berry-flavored drink formulated with hyaluronic acid, potent antioxidants, and marine collagen. It is designed to hydrate thirsty skin from the inside out. Because just as beauty comes from within, so does optimal skin health.

For the health-conscious coffee lovers: Unimate Black

We all have that friend who can’t start their day or get through an afternoon without a jolt of caffeine. (Perhaps you are that friend.) You’ll make their day with Unimate Black, a yerba mate drink that has the perks of coffee (flavor and energizing effects) without the drawbacks (energy crashes, extra carbs, and jitteriness).

With its proprietary yerba mate extract, Unimate Black could become your friend’s new beverage of choice for productive mornings and alert afternoons. With naturally occurring caffeine and up to 10 times the amount of chlorogenic acid (the feel-good, get-up-and-go component) found in a premium cup of coffee, Unimate Black boosts the mood and supports mental stamina, focus, and motivation.

For the last person who said, “I really should eat more vegetables”: Super Green +

Five servings of vegetables per day is a tall order for some of us. Everyone knows we should eat more greens, but taste buds (and the time it takes to prepare them) can make that tricky.

Make their intentions a reality with Super Green +, a drink mix with a blend of high-quality plant phytonutrients and niacin. Formulated with sodium copper chlorophyllin and spirulina, Super Green + uses these plant phytonutrients to provide high-quality antioxidants to support immune system health and digestive system functionality. With a pleasantly subtle flavor, Super Green + can be added to your favorite drink to help you stay hydrated while giving you an antioxidant boost. Plus, the gift receiver will no longer feel guilty about not getting enough greens in their diet.

For the fruity drinks fans: Hawaiian Noni

Vegetables don’t hold the monopoly on nutritious foods. Fruits have a lot to offer, too. For generations, Pacific cultures have used noni fruit for health support. Combining noni fruit with essential vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and plant-based antioxidants, has led to Unicity’s Hawaiian Noni, a unique blend that promotes both immune and gut health. It also contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which support the growth of good bacteria in the microbiome (the bacteria living in the gut). Add a splash of kiwi and berries, and you have a beverage that supports overall health and tastes like a day at the beach.

Include some Hawaiian Noni stick packs with your next holiday gift exchange to surprise someone with immune system and gut support with fruity flavors that are hard to come by during the winter.

For the go-getters: Matcha Energy

We live busy lives. Which makes lack of energy and focus a real drag on not only your productivity, but your overall quality of life.

Help your friends stay energized for fulfilling lives with Unicity Matcha Energy. The unique chi-oka blend can help increase energy and focus, without the jittery side effects commonly associated with coffee and energy drinks. It’s rich in antioxidants and low in sugar, so your friends can rest easy knowing they’re getting the energy boost they need (without the extra stuff they don’t).

Because you can never have too many water bottles: Unicity BlenderBottle

All these drinks will need to be mixed somehow. Make it easy by including a BlenderBottle with your gifts. This 14 oz. BlenderBottle includes plenty of room for shaking up your favorite Unicity drink, with a secure cap to keep everything safely inside—perfect for those on-the-go drinks!

For a twist on a popular stocking stuffer: Bio-C

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten an orange in your stocking, only to forget about it until months later after it’s gone all moldy. Whether you want to change things up this year or simply can’t find oranges at the store because everyone else beat you to it, Bio-C is a clever way to make sure your kids are getting the benefit oranges are most known for: vitamin C.

Vitamin C supports healthy bones, muscles, blood vessels, and more. And while fruits and vegetables may seem like the best vitamin C sources, they don’t always contain the right amounts or forms. Bio-C contains three different forms of vitamin C: ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, and acerola. This high potency supports many bodily functions, including heart, eye, skin, and immune functions. Something we all need during the winter!

For more gift ideas, head over to Unicity Shop. Just be sure to add your gifts to your cart soon to leave time for shipping!

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Mar 15

Saludos, compre el unimate black y sabe demasiado a cafe como puedo combatir el sabor sin alterar su escencia

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