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The Method Training: Puerto Rico Recap

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

On June 10–11 and June 17–18 in Puerto Rico, Unicity CEO Stewart Hughes led one of his popular Method workshops. Stewart created this training from his personal life experience and thousands of hours of study to share THE skill that can transform any area of life you want to improve.

This event was a prime opportunity for Distributors to identify the goals they want to achieve and recognize the tools and skills necessary to achieve those goals.

Taking place over two days, the Method included many intensive sessions. Stewart led multiple in-depth sessions himself, guiding participants through examples and powerful principles that establish the foundation individuals need to manage the outcomes they’re working toward in their lives.

There were several breakout sessions as well that allowed Distributors to work together in small groups (and even alone at times).

Participants left inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge they needed to make real progress in their lives.

The next Method training will take place October 21–22, 2022, in Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for more details on how you can qualify to attend!

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