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Tokyo drift: Unicity Japan Success Trip 2023 recap

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Our latest Success Trip, held in Tokyo, Japan, the first week of September, was a wild ride—and Unicity Distributors were going nonstop from the moment we touched down.

After completing check-in at our amazing hotel in downtown Tokyo and receiving some arrival swag, everyone tried to get as much sleep as possible before the big convention day. And what a day it was!

We drank in educational and motivational speeches from top leaders around the world, topped off with a powerful message from our CEO, Stewart Hughes. Then we spent the afternoon recognizing the amazing accomplishments of the hundreds of new Presidential Club Members and Chairman’s Club Members from Europe, Middle East, Korea, Japan, and our own from the Americas.

The next day had another early start for 100 brave (or crazy) souls who elected to spend one of their few days in Japan toiling away on Mount Fuji, despite the pouring rain we endured for the first eight hours of the day.

Not everyone summited, but everyone had an amazing day, everyone learned something, and everyone made it back to the hotel (barely).

The rest of the group, equally as brave but maybe not as crazy, spent the day seeing as much as they could of the largest city in the world.

Our final full day was spent either relaxing at the hotel spa or further exploring the many sites, malls, and restaurants of Tokyo. We capped off the night with a delicious dinner on the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills Club with panoramic views of the city.

It was so great to see how much our group has grown since the last convention in Bangkok, and we’re excited to return in 2024 to Bangkok with at least 10 times the number of people we brought in 2022!

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