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Puerto Vallarta 2021 Trip Recap

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This September, Unicity distributors from North America gathered at beautiful Puerto Vallarta for an exciting rewards trip. Surrounded by beaches with the Sierra Madre Mountains as a backdrop, Puerto Vallarta was the perfect location to celebrate the accomplishments of our distributors—and to enjoy great food and entertainment, too.

Just a few of the activities included a scavenger hunt, playing on the beach, zooming down the mountainside on a zipline, and ATV rides. We had a special rewards dinner to recognize our distributors for their hard work, as well.

But the trip wasn’t just about the fun. Distributors attended workshop sessions that inspired them to take their businesses to even greater heights. A major highlight for many was when Unicity CEO Stewart Hughes presented The Method. If you’d like to experience The Method for yourself, please contact Sam Hughes at

The trip was packed with fun, networking, and learning. We’re looking forward to our next trip!

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