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Big dreams fueled by hard work: Spring 2024 Make Life Better Foundation update

Unicity’s Make Life Better Foundation strives to improve lives all around the world by empowering individuals to make changes that support their health and well-being. Check out some of the work the Foundation has been doing this year!

Kenya: Back to school

In February, Unicity’s top leaders from Europe and MENA visited the beautiful Masai Mara. They saw the “big five” (elephants, leopards, buffalo, rhinoceros, and lions), and are helping to change the lives of 10 students.

These local children are high-performing students who finished primary school but could not afford the tuition for secondary school. The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation committed to providing four years of tuition for these students to ensure they are able to finish their secondary education.

Each student is enrolled in school and working hard. We look forward to following them throughout their educational journeys.

Empowering financial independence

Everyone wants financial independence, but for many, this goal is out of reach, especially in aid and development.

The Foundation has proudly supported a massive garden project in the Philippines for years. With advanced technology and new greenhouses, the Foundation is poised to revolutionize local food production and help families become entirely financially independent in the following ways:

  • Providing critical nutrition to children

  • Bringing locally grown produce to market

  • Paying hundreds of employees a living wage

The gardens, located throughout the Philippines, have become hubs of productivity. The fruits, vegetables, and eggs they raise are supplied to schools and feeding centers for malnourished children. The excess is sold at local markets and will now also be sold in Metro Manila. The profits pay the wages of the gardeners and distributors while allowing for continued expansion into freshwater well drilling and sustainable brick-making factories.

Good ideas, lasting change

The Make Life Better Foundation is involved in many exciting initiatives to support its mission. To learn more about the Foundation or to get involved, visit our Foundation page.

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