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Unicity Make Life Better Foundation: June 2024 update

As spring transitioned to summer, the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation was hard at work making lives better for individuals and families around the world. See what the foundation has been up to the last few months.

Playdays for the whole family

In May, our partners in Amman, Jordan, hosted a community day for all generations. Participants played games and learned how to improve their health. We love supporting people in taking ownership of their own health!

Unicity Vietnam

Unicity Vietnam staff and Distributors are changing students’ lives in Khao Vai. So far this year, they have provided:

  • 1 new student dormitory

  • 72 scholarships

  • 650 books

  • 580 gifts of jackets, slippers, socks, and food

Bridging the gap

Unicity North America celebrated its Hawaii Rewards Trip with a generous donation to the local Boys and Girls Club. Education and quality extracurricular activities are proven ways philanthropy can help bridge the economic divide, supporting Unicity’s mission to make life better.

  • Extracurricular activities help children learn new skills and experience joy

  • A child’s ability to participate in an activity depends on their family’s resources

  • The BGC of the Big Island has seven clubs across the island, serving over 600 youth in after-school programs

Stay tuned for more Unicity Make Life Better Foundation updates in the coming months!

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