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Unicity Make Life Better Foundation: Doing good all around the world

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

There are a lot of ways to do good in the world.

When we started the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation, we weren't sure which direction to go or where to focus. Seeing the needs of humans globally and even in our communities can feel overwhelming.

At Unicity, we know two things well: health and opportunity. We know their importance, their impact, and how they create momentum and change lives. So this became the focus of our foundation.

Good health doesn't need to be a luxury

Good health, fueled by strong nutrition, will improve life. Yet many people lack the tools and opportunities to build a healthy lifestyle. We work to make this possible.

Unicity is dedicated to creating science-proven products that focus on improving health. The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation is focused on researched-backed projects that empower people to make good health possible and make life better.

Whether it's building school gardens in Panama, serving breakfast to children in Thailand, or funding youth sports programming in Jordan, the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation is focused on finding sustainable and successful ways to ensure good health isn’t an unattainable, luxury good.

Opportunity is the doorway to success

Unicity is dedicated to providing opportunities for success to those willing to work hard. It is foundational in our business. There is unique potential for positive growth in all of us.

Our foundation chooses to give through schools, scholarships, job skills, and entrepreneurship training. We want to provide opportunity and education. Because while it takes hard work to succeed, it also takes a chance. We support students in Ethiopia, the Philippines, and other places in the world. We run job skills training and mentoring programs. Our work helps those with a vision build businesses and contribute to their communities. We believe each individual has the power to contribute, and we work to help them develop the skills they need.

Sowing seeds for a healthy planet

Unicity loves plants. Our natural products come from plants, and we recognize nature’s incredible power for healing and nutrition. By focusing on botanical research and supporting garden projects, we invest in a better planet. Our garden projects not only help support better nutrition and food insecurity in marginalized communities; they also provide much-needed habitats for bees, clean the air, and work to reduce soil erosion. We work to be good stewards by investing in our planet home.

Giving as a community

As a global company, Unicity can do good all around the world. We love seeing and highlighting the service you give in your communities. Helping one another can create great change that fuels personal growth. Giving of our time and abilities deepens our gratitude and strengthens our connection with each other as a global humanity.

The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation strives to highlight and assist in the excellent work you do. We are inspired by the service we see within our community. Just this year the Unicity community has given money to support emergency medical services, delivered food to those in need, donated blood, volunteered time to help children, and many more acts of service. Your giving inspires our work and we hope our efforts can accelerate the good you are already doing!

If you would like to donate to the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation, you can mail a check to the following address and we will send you a receipt with the tax ID information for your own records.

Unicity Make Life Better Foundation

1201 N 800 E

Orem, UT 84097

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