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Graduations, sports, and gardens: What the Make Life Better Foundation has been up to this summer

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Unicity’s Make Life Better Foundation has been busy this summer. Take a look at what’s been going on lately as we strive to help make lives better through education, health, and food security.

Record number of graduates

The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation scholarship program is currently helping 93 students through school, and a record number of students graduated this year. Our eleven new graduates have received degrees spanning from electrical engineering to culinary arts. We’re excited to see the great things they accomplish next!

A summer of sports

Reclaim Childhood, our excellent partner focused on bringing sports and opportunity to girls in Jordan, had a fantastic summer.

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Reclaim Childhood ran week-long summer camps all over the country. Instead of focusing only on the major cities, the places that receive more attention and funding, they took their program on the road.

Working with local women, Reclaim Childhood brought sports and games to new communities. These camps hosted frisbee, basketball, Zumba, and other fun ways to move bodies and help women and girls get stronger.

Meanwhile, the girls in Amman and Zarqa spent the summer building new soccer skills. They focused on fair play on the pitch as they played matches against their peers for the first time in a few years.

We are looking forward to seeing the great things they do this fall!

Growing a better future

This summer, the Make Life Better Foundation established two new partnerships to help us in our goal to fight food inequality and improve nutrition.

First is New Roots IRC, focused on community garden spaces in Salt Lake City, Utah, to support new Americans. This food security and agriculture program offers refugees the opportunity to engage in small-scale farming, community gardening, and seasonal farmers markets. Our grant will support and expand training and assistance for gardeners to expand production and increase household consumption from their gardens.

Our second new partnership is Rooted in Wyoming, an organization dedicated to creating more resilient and self-sufficient communities through education and access to fresh, local food. We recently committed to building a new teaching greenhouse in a school garden in Wyoming. This teaching greenhouse will be used as an educational space for school children and provide fresh produce to them and their families. It will also significantly lengthen the short Wyoming growing season.

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