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Unicity Colombia Success Trip: Barú 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This October the first Success Trip in Colombia took place on the beautiful peninsula of Barú. This paradisiacal peninsula delimited by the bay of Cartagena, the Dique channel, and the Caribbean Sea is characterized by the color of its white and pink sand, as well as the clarity of the turquoise water that allows you to see the bottom of the sea. Today it is a place of great tourist boom.

During this Success Trip we celebrated the hard work of our leaders in Colombia with various events, including a welcome reception where they were able to meet and connect with our special guest, Stewart Hughes, CEO of Unicity. Likewise, they were able to be part of the exclusive seminar of The Method directed by Stewart Hughes, who shared his knowledge, experience, and strategy to achieve personal and professional goals. "The Method is something you want to have in your life that will change your life forever and give you the opportunity to come to more beautiful places like this," Stewart said.

We finished with an incredible farewell dinner full of fun, folk dances, and recognitions to those who qualified for this first Success Trip.

We are excited to see the growth and leadership of Colombia; the future is bright for this market and its leaders. Colombia will soon have a Feel Great program, which has had great success in the United States and Puerto Rico. This will allow us to continue our mission to Make Life Better, and we will also achieve it for all the families in Colombia and Latinoamérica.

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1 Comment

Huascar Volquez
Huascar Volquez
Nov 02, 2021

Excelente 🙌

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