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The ROI of Giving

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We know that smart, thoughtful giving helps others—that’s why we volunteer our time or money to causes that are important to us. But did you know that giving gives back?

Giving to Others Promotes Gratitude

According to the leading expert on gratitude, there are two elements to being grateful. First is acknowledging the good we have received. Second is recognizing that good comes from outside ourselves. Other people give many gifts, big and small, that help bring goodness in our lives.

When we give time or money to others, we tap into this realization and it deepens our gratitude, as well as our connection with others.

Giving Increases Happiness

The Harvard Business School participated in a series of studies on money and happiness. In one experiment, they gave envelopes of money to people and told them to either use the money to cover a bill, buy themselves a gift, or give the money to another person or a charity. The results demonstrated that giving to others increases happiness.

“We found that people who spent money on themselves that day weren’t any happier that evening, but people who spent it on others were. The amount didn’t matter, $5 or $20, didn’t matter at all. It was only how people spent it that made them happier.”

Make Life Better

At Unicity we strive to make life better through creating products that help us to feel better and by providing jobs to improve lives. But we also work to make life better by donating time and money to important causes in the communities in which we live and work.

“Generosity is in the DNA of Unicity. We created the Make Life Better Foundation with the intention of doing good and helping others. In my life I have learned that generosity is an essential human trait to develop. It’s deeply connected to gratitude. I have found that when you give willingly, you are often rewarded far more than your original action.” —Stewart Hughes

Whether it’s donating to Cambodian hospitals, planting mangrove trees in Thailand, or giving wheelchairs in Jordan, Unicity and the Make Life Better Foundation are committed to doing just that—making life better.

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